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Gutter Guards


Leafblaster Pro Gutter Guards by Gutterglove are designed to work with virtually all gutter systems, roofing types and roofing pitches. The durable aluminum extruded frames and stainless steel mesh with z-bend technology are engineered to provide optimum strength and flexibility, and to handle heavy rainfall. The raised screen design pulls water in while keeping debris out. After testing numerous products, RainDogs has opted to install Leafblaster Pro as our premium gutter protection.


☑ Installs on new or existing gutters

☑ Under shingle or fascia mount options that won't void your shingle warranty

☑ Standard aluminum finish and low profile looks great on any gutter

☑ Raised Z-bend pattern to divert water into gutters and deflect leaves and debris

☑ Durable aluminum exrtruded frame

☑ Stainless steel 316L mesh screen to keep out all debris, even pine needles and shingle grit

☑ Handles up to 44" rainfall per hour

40 year manufacturer warranty and FREE gutter brush with whole home installation

Lifetime no clog guarantee or your money back!


We also offer more affordable options for homeowners looking for basic gutter protection that won't break the bank. Both our Leaf Exterminator and Leaf Logic gutter guards will handle any rainfall while keeping out leaves and debris, and will actually strengthen your gutter system. They install on new existing gutters and will eliminate the dangerous chore of climbing a ladder to clean your gutters.

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